Friday, June 13, 2014

"Can Skipping a Meeting Make You a Better Leader?"

Some tips and tools for becoming a better leader

In an article posted by, influencer Ilya Pozin writes:
It’s not easy being a great leader. One of the marks of good leadership is the ability to look at problems in new ways, find creative solutions, and think outside-of-the-box in order to inspire others to greatness. Leadership isn’t all about you, after’s about how you communicate and motivate others.Unfortunately, many of today’s current leaders are falling down on the job. We’re in the middle of something close to an employee engagement crisis, with Gallup finding 70 percent of the American workforce checked out on the job. This probably explains why CareerBuilder discovered 77 percent of employed workers are actively searching or open to new career opportunities. Without effective leadership, employees eventually start eying the door.Sometimes effective leadership means throwing conventional wisdom out the window. After all, the traditional way things are done might have you stuck in a rut. It’s time to break free and embrace some left-of-center techniques to grow your leadership skills or reconnect with your team.
Here's the link to his four ways to grow your leadership without following the pack.